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Modern life is complex and people who are working with the public or on behalf of the public have to deal with an increasing number of issues and with an increasing diversity of government initiatives and legislation. Apart from the demands being made in the working environment, private life is often a challenge. Being a parent, for example, is surely more difficult than it used to be. Society appears to lack a sense of direction or purpose. So, for everyone and not just for council staff, we are living in difficult times.

We can help you to make the most of your life, by visiting your workplace and running a free one month course in meditation.

There would be five weekly meditation sessions, each of approximately 70 minutes. These would start near the end of the morning and be followed by a lunch break or they would start near the end of the afternoon and be the final activity of the working day for participants. The course size would normally be 8-12 people.

Management or Human Resources staff of City, District, Borough and County Councils in Leicestershire should consider the possibility that these courses will contribute to improved staff performance and act as a preventative programme to reduce staff ill health. As for staff who might participate, if you feel interested, just ask for a course to be arranged and try it!

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There is more information about meditation here, including our contact details.
Meditation in Leicestershire Project