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Harmony CD original cover art, silver and blue bubbles on white background, sub-title 'music for yoga and healing therapy'HARMONY is a light instrumental album in which each track is based on a classical Indian raga. The main instruments are flute and santoor, which form a relaxing combination. Spanish and bass guitars, keyboards and vibraphone are also used. There are no percussion instruments, so the album style is extremely gentle. It is a good introduction for somebody unfamiliar with Indian music and we recommend it under all the main categories of music: Meditation, Yoga, Therapies and Pregnancy.

The flute is played by Rakesh Chaurasia and the santoor by Ulhas Bapat. The music was arranged and conducted by Ashit Desai.  Back...

We can provide this soothing album as an audio CD for 8.40 and as an audio cassette for 3.20.
Prices include delivery in the UK.
Play Track 2 sample

Raga Bageshri

(65 secs from start)
Play Track 3 sample

Raga Gauti

(60 secs, starts at 90)
Play Track 5 sample

Raga Todi

(90 secs, starts at 355)
Play Track 7 sample

Raga Darbari

(75 secs, starts at 370)
CD playing time is approximately 63 minutes. There are seven tracks.
Other Ragas:  Jog, Ahir Bhairav. Track 1 is also based on Raga Bageshri.

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