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Illness CategoryNumber
high blood pressure16.0 million
asthma5.2 million
ADHD and ADD1.0 million
cancer0.5 million
diabetes1.8 million
eczema4.8 million
hayfever10.0 million
headache or migraine4.0 million
heart problem2.5 million
liver or alcohol problem10.0 million
neurotic disorder9.8 million
obesity10.0 million

The table could be extended. It also provides no appreciation of the indirect effects of illness on other family or community members. If we add up the figures, we get 75.6 million, with a UK population of around 60 million. So there must be many sick people in at least two of the above categories!

[September 2008, NHS Direct website indicated much more UK migraine than we understood before, say around 10 million. Our meditation and related techniques can help migraine suffers significantly. Helping the liver is the key... Ed.]

Try to avoid being a Poor Health Statistic!