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shri mataji nirmala deviThe Kundalini

At the base of the spine, in the physical body, is a bone called the 'Sacrum', which has a triangular shape. And in that bone, but on a level which is more subtle than the physical, resides an energy or awareness known as the Kundalini (meaning coiled up feminine power).

The Kundalini is dormant in most people but it (She) can awaken and spread up the spinal column and through the top of the head. The Kundalini has the qualities of a wise and enlightened Mother, who fully understands our needs and our capacities. She has the ability to cleanse and repair our inner being on the subtle level. This helps the immune system to keep us healthy and our central nervous system to experience peace, satisfaction and a broad sense of well being.

When the Kundalini has reached the brain a person tends to feel relaxed and meditative without effort. The thinking process starts to subside and the person is better able to enjoy the present. Thinking tends to direct the individual attention towards either the past, through memories, or towards the future, through anticipation or activity.

The Kundalini can never be awakened by force or by any determination or activity of the human ego or psyche. When She is ready is the right time and then the process is spontaneous, natural and without harmful side effects. Normally the Kundalini will choose to awaken when feeling the presence of another awakened Kundalini. At this moment a part of the Kundalini becomes active and more and more of the Kundalini can become active later on, provided that suitable circumstances prevail.

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