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Meditation has been practised in many cultures and in many contexts. People who tried were often religious but sometimes they were not. Meditation is essentially a spiritual practice but it is not linked to any one religion or philosophy of life. Even the word 'spiritual' brings the possibility of confusion because it means different things to different people. Until you experience what this word spiritual means, it is just a word. So don't get lost in ideas. Don't be in a hurry to try and encompass something unlimited within the limited understanding of your brain.

True meditation is natural and the body, brain and central nervous system are designed for it to occur. So you should not pay anyone for 'knowledge' or instruction. Did you pay to learn breathing or eating? All the mechanisms required are already built inside the human being. Only they need to find the right moment for activation.

These ideas are not new, even in England. Over 200 years ago, William Blake wrote:

"...Man brings all that he has or can have into the world with him. Man is born like a garden ready planted and sown."

"Knowledge of ideal beauty is not to be acquired. It is born with us. Innate ideas are in every man, born with him; they are truly himself."

When you try to meditate, something should happen in your central nervous system. A number of quite concrete things may be experienced. You may be able to judge for yourself how successful you have been. Sometimes you may also need some guidance to understand the experiences which you have had.


Talking about meditation is like trying to explain how a recipe will taste after the ingredients have been cooked. Nothing can beat the real experience of tasting the food. Similarly, until you have been successful with meditation, you cannot imagine how it should feel. When meditation is successful, whether in Leicester or anywhere, it takes you beyond your mind, so the experience cannot be conveyed to the mind in the form of words.


Some people will try meditation because they are not happy or they are not satisfied with life. Some people hope to understand life more or to evolve spiritually. Others may be suffering from worries or various forms of stress. Meditation could be very helpful during pregnancy. The foetus shares the mother's hormones, so the more healthy and happy the mother, the healthier and happier will be the baby.

Some meditate hoping to improve their health. Success is not guaranteed but many people who learn from us will experience significant benefits. If you take into account the numbers of people suffering from arthritis, asthma, cancer, depression, diabetes, eczema, hay fever, headaches and migraine, heart problems, high blood pressure, obesity, liver problems and neurotic disorders, our society has a serious lack of good health. This is true in relation to both physical and psychological aspects. The U.K. has almost epidemic levels of illness.

"We are here to create doctors..."


It is important to understand that meditation is not just a treatment for keeping us sane and sanitised. It is not just an antidote for the pressures of modern life. Much more than that, it is a mechanism and a state which promotes our evolution as human beings and as spiritual beings. It is your attention or the flow of your waking consciousness which becomes enlightened. It develops its own powers of discrimination. You should start to perceive and feel subtler things than before.

Life does normally become more satisfying. We come to a better understanding of ourselves, of other people and of the world. We start to see problems and their solutions with greater clarity. We start to feel that we are not isolated. This is the result of a process of experiencing, through the central nervous system. It is not a question of adopting some new mental concepts.

For achieving success in meditation, there is a subtle energy which helps (links open in new tabs or new windows). It is known as kundalini. About evolution via kundalini awakening occurring en masse. About enlightenment versus ignorance.


There might be some aspects of your lifestyle which need improving. For example, you might be physically or mentally overactive. Some aspects of your diet could be unhelpful, or even dangerous, in the long term. You should be able to see yourself and your needs from a broader perspective.


For centuries the path to making progress with meditation was littered with casualties. Meditation used to be either very difficult or only mildly effective or both. But times have changed and the cosmos has changed. Meditation has become much easier since the 1970's. This is a new era. There are still many obstacles but most are man-made and can be overcome. For example, distractions: Modern life is full of these. If you accept to be distracted, that is what is likely to happen to you. A little willpower is needed but not much.

Then time: People may complain that they are too busy to have time for meditation. Yes, it is true. They are too busy! The solution is simply to make time. Just find ten minutes a day and soon you will discover that you have, say, 30-50 minutes a day available.

Thinking is next: The brains of most people are overactive. To cover that topic we would have to start talking about physiology, psychology, philosophy, etc. It is probably better for you to forget about all of that for the present and learn to meditate. You could read about the brain later. Without making any deep assessments of modern life, it is easy to see that people in developed countries are encouraged to keep active, both physically and mentally. When children have finished school they have after-school activities. While they are at school they are kept busy, almost all of the time.

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