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Ninaad CD cover art, graphic representing Shri Krishna with peacock feathers in turbanKRISHNA is a vocal album by Sanjeev Abhyankar, a young disciple of Pandit Jasraj.

It is likely that the sound will generate a very calming atmosphere, so we also recommend it under the category of music for Pregnancy.

Some key points are the soft voice of the singer, the gentle and melodic compositions and the use of rhythms in the percussion accompaniment which stimulate but do not jar or shock. Another positive feature is the background sound or drone from the tanpura.   Back...

The album has words which praise the Indian God Shri Krishna. Although that places it in the category of devotional music, we suggest that it should not be distrusted by people who cannot understand the words or by people who do not consider themselves to be Hindus. When the words in vocal music relate to spiritual or religious themes, the listener may choose to acknowledge and respect the meaning. Or the meaning might be rejected or it might simply be ignored.

Sometimes when you meditate it will help you to have soothing music to listen to. At other times it will be better to meditate in a silent place, as that will reduce external distractions and help you to avoid developing habits. Too much use of music can counteract your purpose, just as much as having too little music!

We can provide this album as an audio CD for 9.40, including delivery in the UK.

Play Track 1 sample

(170 secs from start)
Play Track 3 sample

(90 secs, starts at 282)
Play Track 3 sample

(110 secs, starts at 924)
CD playing time is around 59 minutes. There are four tracks.
Vocalist:  Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar Tabla:  Harshad Kanhetkar
Harmonium:  Pramod Marathe
Tanpura:  Arti Abhyankar and
Bhagyashri Godbole

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