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Right Time Music presents samples from this serene CD of a jugalbandi (duet) between Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar (vocal) and Kala Ramnath (violin). Accompaniment is provided by Kedar Pandit on tabla and Ajay Joglekar on harmonium.

"Ekta CD" - Sanjeev Abhyankar, Kala Ramnath

CD cover art, sanjeev and kala with her violin

We can provide this album as an audio CD for 8.40, including delivery in the UK.

The music on the CD is based on three ragas: Rag Jog, Rag Mishra Khamaj and Rag Mishra Bhairavi.

For the Jog, there are four tracks, totalling almost 50 minutes. They are described as Alap (slow introduction to the raga, without percussion), Vilambit Khayal (medium speed), Drut Khayal (faster) and Tarana (fast). Nice and gentle, as two samples will demonstrate. Very soothing music.
"Raga Jog - Alap"

Play sample from track 1  

(60 secs, starts at
3 mins 10 secs)

Without tabla accompaniment.
"Raga Jog - Vilambit Khyal"

Play sample from track 2  

(90 secs, starts at
21 mins 05 secs)

Chorus: Naahina parata chita chaina.
"Raga Jog - Drut Khyal"

Rhythm is Ektal.
"Raga Jog - Tarana"

Rhythm is Teental.
"Raga Mishra Khamaj - Thumri"

Play sample from track 5  

(120 secs, starts at
50 secs)

Chorus: Radhajo mope aaj dharo.
"Raga Mishra Bhairavi - Bhajan"

Play sample from track 6  

(60 secs, starts at
10 mins 20 secs)

Chorus: Prabhuji tuma chandana hama pani.

[There are a few words, in the form of choruses or words extracted from them, but often the vocal is in Indian Classical style, without words. Listeners should just enjoy the sound of the voice and the support from the other musicians. The words do have a meaning and the meaning serves to create particular moods. I enjoy the music, without understanding the meaning. It is like enjoying some food, without needing to know how it was cooked.

Although Kala Ramnath is an experienced soloist, she wisely refrains from trying to show off and treats her violin mainly as an accompanying instrument. Historically, vocal music came before instrumental music in India and instruments took a supportive role. Kala's style of playing attempts to convey something of the human voice and of the style of singing of her main teacher or guru, Pandit Jasraj. Pandit Jasraj is also Sanjeev Abhyankar's guru... Ed.]

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