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Leicester Meditation - Understanding Life's Purpose
Why Life?

Does life have any purpose? Yes it does and that purpose is evolution. As modern human beings we experience and understand more than previous generations. We have more possiblities and skills. We also have more illnesses, uncertainties and psychological complexities.

For many people, evolution is just an academic subject, from an age that is now over, and it has something to do with fish coming out of water or apes and cave men. For some others, evolution remains a subject for faith or for debate: Perhaps the human race was created by God or perhaps it is just the result of an accident of nature.

About 15 years ago Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi wrote:

"The most difficult part is to convince a human being that, in the entire creation, he is the most highly evolved being, that he is capable of becoming a glorious personality, a beautiful, peaceful angel. To tell him about the problems of modern times is not a very good way of convincing him about what human beings truly are.

There has been so much demeaning of human beings, so much of degradation of their value system that I thought that unless I go to the root of the problems, it won't be easy to explain why they should break away from their present shakles in order to evolve and ascend. One has to speak frankly about what the problems are and what the real solutions are.

Frankly, there is no peace within the human beings nor without. The poor and the rich alike are unhappy. Everywhere people are groping for solutions. At an artificial level, the intellect can work out certain problems about things we see around us in jeopardy. But while a few problems may be resolved in this way, others arise. The true solution lies not in the material circumstances outside human beings but inside the human beings themselves. True and lasting solutions to present ills can be found only by inner collective transformation of human beings. This is not an impossibility. In fact it has already happened. There are so many thousands who have actually achieved this state. The reality of en-masse inner transformation of human beings by self-realisation is the most revolutionary discovery of the present age."

We should understand, from that extract, that our evolution is not complete. At least, a hypothesis is proposed that we have something more to experience or that we have something more to develop. For around 40 years, Shri Mataji has been explaining the opportunities for the human race and helping people to grow.

What Should We Do?

Have we missed something we need? For most people, the answer is: Yes. What was missed was the most important understanding that we still have to develop some of our inate qualities. As human beings, the changes to be achieved are not to our physical form. For example, we are unlikely to develop wings in the future or to find that we can breath under water. It is not likely that we will start changing the colour of our skin to match our surroundings. The changes which are to be desired and encouraged relate mainly to the nature of our consciousness, in particular to improving our awareness and enjoyment of life. An ability to live with healthier bodies and reduced reliance on medical interventions should also be expected, as a by-product of understanding more about how we should live.

First, we should desire to achieve our individual evolution, in the sense that we should attempt to overcome some of our individual problems of behaviour, psychology, lifestyle, health, etc. Then we should try to assist others to do the same. We should not expect to get very far if we remain insular in our attitudes or our activity.

How Do We Evolve?

It is mainly your attention or the flow of your waking consciousness which becomes 'enlightened'. The physical body can also benefit because it is maintained and supervised by various systems of consciousness.

At the base of the spine, in the physical body, is a bone called the 'Sacrum', which has a triangular shape. In that bone, but on a level which is more subtle than the physical, resides an energy or awareness known as Kundalini. It is dormant in most people. The development of our human awareness and the scope to achieve a significant improvement in our experience of life depends on the Kundalini becoming active and rising into the spinal chord.

Another part of the evolutionary mechanism is the need for people to spend some time in meditation. This has many benefits, including helping the Kundalini to rise with more strength.

You do not have to pay for the awakening of the Kundalini. You did not pay anything to become a human being. The amoeba had no bank account. Fish became reptiles without establishing any business plan. If you put a seed into the earth, it will sprout, without any payment, because the seed has the inbuilt capacity to sprout and the earth has the necessary quality to support the process. It is a living process. Somehow, it just works!

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