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head of shri mataji nirmala devi"I can communicate to you better through music. I'm working on you all the time."

Shri Mataji
Nirmala Devi
"Nad Brahma - Sound is God. Our music is rooted in a spiritual background, creating a mood of meditation for self realisation."

Shivkumar SharmaChange
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"I love my music and everything that I do centres around it. Music is a form of Puja or worship to me and when I sing, I totally detach myself from everything around me and try to concentrate totally on my performance. To me, music is like a vast ocean, a fathomless depth, in which one must drown oneself completely."

Pandit Jasraj    
Gurbani Keertan CD cover art - head of nina kaur virdee, a red shawl over her hair, ears & shouldersNina Kaur Virdee

daughter-in-law to the late

Gurmit Singh Virdee

Bringing you the best of Indian Music and just a little of Western

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