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the late gurmit singh virdee, dressed in white kurta and turban, playing tabla Gurmit Singh Virdee was born in India's Punjab. He grew up in Kenya and moved to the UK with his young family in 1975. Having learnt the art of tabla from established masters, he went on to become one of the most respected Sikh tabla players of his generation. Gurmit considered the tabla to be capable of stimulating the heart and soul of a listener. He made a significant contribution to the growth of the popularity of tabla, both in the UK and around the world.

An ardent devotee of the Sikh religion, Gurmit passed over a career as a professional performer for a life of spiritual service through music. He concentrated on the accompaniment of Sikh hymns, Gurbani Kirtan, and on teaching tabla, inspiring hundreds of students with his caring personality and his musical skills.

Much of Gurmit's teaching took place in Leicestershire. In 1983 he set up a pioneering project for the teaching of Indian music at the Leicestershire School Of Music. He was associated with the school for around two decades.

Bhai Gurmit Singh Virdee. Tabla Player and Teacher, 1937-2005.

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