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Right Time Music offers this unusual CD featuring Udit Narayan. A single devotional vocal track is repeated 11 times on the CD. We played it a lot and found that a positive effect built up in the nervous system and consciousness, without the music becoming hypnotic or addictive. Udit Narayan has a soft and gentle voice.

In terms of yoga and the subtle channels in the spinal chord (Ida, Pingala and Sushumna), the deity Shri Hanumana controls and protects the Pingala nadi or Sun channel. The Pingala is associated with mental and physical activity but particularly with 'right' activity: the right action, at the right time, for a correct purpose.

"Shri Hanuman Chalisa CD" - Udit Narayan

CD cover art, Shri Hanumana meditating near water, Shri Shiva and Shri Parvati are watching

We can provide this album as an audio CD for 7.20 and as an audio cassette for 2.99.
Prices include delivery in the UK.

"Shri Hanuman Chalisa"

Play sample   

(68 secs, starts
at 303 secs)
Track playing time is seven minutes (plays 11 times).

[Udit Narayan provided the singing voice of Bhuvan, the star in the wonderful Hindi film Lagaan. The dubbed actor was Aamir Khan, who was also the Producer for Lagaan. A CD of the songs from the film is available for 4.60 delivered. The audio cassette is 2.40. Here is a photograph of the cassette sleeve... Ed.].

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