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Lakh Khushian, by Harjinder Singh (Srinagar Wale), features Sikh Keertan, or devotional songs. The language is Punjabi but the musical appeal is universal. The singing and the accompaniments are dignified but also light and cheerful. The tabla is crisp and bouncy. The harmonium, which is played in an uncomplicated style, has a rich and soothing tone.

This album is also recommended in the Pregnancy category, partly because it is melodic, with simple, steady rhythms. I was listening as I built this web page. Onto track four, out of five, at this point. I felt very good. Cool and meditative.

part of t-series CD cover art, title and musician in text and script, Harjinder's head and shoulders

We can provide this album as an audio CD for 5.20 and as an audio cassette for 2.59.
CD playing time is approximately 63 minutes. Prices include delivery in the UK.

"Lakh Khushian"

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(94 secs, starts at 363)
"Mere Gobind"

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(57 secs, starts at 332)
"Raas Leela"

"Bhaj Mann Mere"

"Abinaasi Jeean Ko Daata"

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(105 secs from start)

Accompanying Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji are Bhai Maninder Singh Ji, on harmonium, and Bhai Jatinder Pal Singh Ji, on tabla. More details at SikhiWiki.

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