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cover art, santoor, shiv kumar sharma, maestro's choiceThis is an outstanding album, featuring Pandit Shivkumar Sharma (santoor) and Shafaat Ahmed Khan (tabla). One fan says: "...a masterpiece." It is gentle, melodic and meditative, yet dynamic and stimulating at times. We also include it in the category of music for Pregnancy.   Back...

The Indian santoor has much similarity to the Western hammered dulcimer. A photograph shows Shivkumar playing the instrument with Rahul Sharma, his son.

The album has two tracks, each lasting around half an hour. The presentation of each piece follows a classical Indian style, in which the opening is slow and tentative (alap) and there is no percussion accompaniment. Later the tabla joins in and the pieces accelerate. This is definitely music to sit down for!

We can provide this MUSIC TODAY album as an audio CD for 9.40 and as an audio cassette for 3.40.
Prices include delivery in the UK.

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