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Pandit Jasraj CD cover art, tall icon of deity in jain/aztec style, titling in script and scripty fonts, click to enlargeOM NAMO BHAGAWATE VASUDEVAYA. This excellent album, with devotional vocals by Pandit Jasraj and chorus, is likely to be difficult for someone new to Indian culture or devotional Indian music. The words of the songs ("selected stotras") are in praise of Shri Krishna. Something about the style and particularly the rhythms makes it more a connoisseur's album. It is very good as background sound for relaxed activity, to create a meditative mood. For example, my wife finds it soothing while cooking.

We also recommend this album under the music for Therapies category.


We can provide this album as an audio CD for 7.99 and as an audio cassette for 2.99.
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Play Track 2 sample

Raga Pilu

(60 secs, starts at 185)
Play Track 3 sample


(150 secs, starts at 416)
Play Track 5 sample 1

Raga Bhimpalasi

(70 secs, starts at 289)
Play Track 5 sample 2

Raga Bhimpalasi

(35 secs, starts at 1056)
CD playing time is approximately 54 minutes. There are five tracks.
Other Ragas:  Miya Ki Todi and Dhanashri.

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