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Application Video

Watch our video here: Island Caretaker 108. Various details are available, including credits.

Islands108 Journal

We recently placed a comment after an article in the Independent newspaper (UK) and gained a 'Journal' or 'Blog' at the same time.

You can visit using either the text link above or the image link, to the left, which shows Nemo and Dory.
Local Journal

We may start a Journal here, with a broad scope.

Examples: Ancient of Days, A Girl By The Sea, Cliffs, The Girl With The Pearl Earring, Water Lilies.

Other Journals

In 2005 I posted some of my photgraphs in a Journal, which reflect Island Tourism. In 2006 I featured a Photo Diary as part of the Journal. My wife was overseas during that period, so it was an experiment both in living and in blogging. In October 2008 I wrote this poem with a Travel Theme for the same Journal. In March 2006 I had posted this puzzle with a Travel Theme. Three Poems with a Water Theme were posted in another Journal. According to my wife, we were both born as Water Dragons in the Chinese Calendar. Finally some Original Jokes.

Weekly Journal for Tourism Queensland

Tourism Queensland is recruiting an Island Caretaker, who will help to promote the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. The Island Caretaker will maintain a weekly journal, to inform the world about their period in Queensland. They will be appointed for six months, starting on 1st July 2009. The location where the journal will be found has not been announced. At least, we are not aware of the location yet. We will make a link when we can.

Photo Journal and Video Journal for Tourism Queensland

The Island Caretaker will take many photographs and film some videos, to inform the world about their period in Queensland. The locations where these photographs and videos will be found have not been announced. At least, we are not aware of the locations yet. We will provide links when we can. The Caretaker's Weekly Journal is likely to be the key item, with photos and videos being accessible from it. There might not be any separate Photo Journal or Video Journal.