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based on the original Eternity CD cover art, sunrise, title, sub-title 'A musical Journey', revised artwork is used nowETERNITY is an excellent light instrumental album in which each track is based on an Indian folk melody. So the album represents a journey around India, listening to music in a variety of styles. The music was arranged and conducted by Ashit Desai.

14 musicians will welcome you in colourful Rajasthan and then accompany you to Gujarat, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Sindh, Bengal and Punjab. The album features both Indian instruments (santoor, sarangi, sitar, shehnai, bamboo flute, percussion) and Western instruments (guitars, keyboard, vibraphone).   Back...

We can provide this album as an audio CD for 8.40, including delivery in the UK.

Play Track 2 sample

Gujarat Prabhatiyu

(150 secs from start)
Play Track 3 sample

Gujarat Bhajan

(45 secs, starts at 120)
Play Track 5 sample

Uttar Pradesh Kajri

(75 secs, starts at 55)
Play Track 8 sample

Bengal Baul

(60 secs, starts at 280)
Play Track 9 sample

Punjab Heer

(110 secs, starts at 290)
CD playing time is approximately 70 minutes. There are nine tracks.

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