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Indian shehnai with twin reed at the top - family of Indian bamboo flutes -
concert flute -
oboe with twin reed at the top -
Two instruments which need some blowing are the shehnai and the flute. In the second case, we are interested in an Indian flute or 'Bansuri', which is often a simple tube of bamboo with some holes cut into it. More complex is the Western concert flute, which has a variety of levers and pads to close the holes. That would be made of metal and it would not normally be used to play Indian music. The shennai is a twin-reed instrument, bringing to mind a Western oboe.

The website of the Oregon Symphony Players Association has short sound samples for many instruments, including a concert flute and an oboe.

Right Time Music offers a lively sample, featuring bamboo flute and shehnai, from the Sona Rupa CD Eternity. You can play the sample from here. A flute opens the piece and, after a short flourish of percussion, the shehnai starts to play at 13 seconds. There seem to be two flutes playing, tuned to different pitches.

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