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Right Time presents samples and one full track from this CD, in praise of Shri Jagadamba, the Indian Goddess who protects the universe. 'Jai' means 'Praise' or 'Victory to...'

"Jai Jagdambe Maa CD" - Sanjay Talwar, New Delhi. With Anuja Bisaria.

design and annotation on CD from Times Music - eyes, eyebrows and half of red bindi

"Jagdambe Maa"

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"Mum Mata Bhagwati"

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"Har Pal Vicharron Mein"

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"Tum Baithi Raho Chitwan Mein"

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"Prem Pagi"

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"Apne Hridey Ke"

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"Hamare Jeevan Mein"

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"Jab Hridey Mein Basein"

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