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This is part of the introduction to Right Time. You can use the turntable icons or the neighbouring links to play MP3 tracks. Some tracks are samples and some are full length (f). They try to launch in new web browser windows. If you browse the Welcome Screens, you can find some music videos. We particularly recommend the IndiaLucia video. avaneendra sheolikar playing sitar, IndiaLucia
"Children Of The Eighties" - Words and music by Joan Baez
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"Raga Gujari Todi" - Sung by Pandit Jasraj    [More tracks here]

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The Right Time Music section has many more MP3 music files. Most are given to assist the marketing of the CD's from which they are derived.

We hope you will enjoy listening to some of the tracks there and then purchase some of the CD's. Audio cassettes are also available for many of the titles.

Please visit the Music Shop now.

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"Zambra" - From the IndiaLucia CD - India/Flamenco Fusion

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"Sakhi Mero Marag Rokyo" - Sung by Devaki Pandit   More...

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"Jagdambe Maa" - Sung by Sanjay Talwar   More...

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"Hamare Jeevan Mein" - Sung by Sanjay Talwar

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