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"Music is not just about words and beats. It is also about the emotion behind the rendition. Words turn into music when emotions are weaved into them. And the notes... not just the basic seven, but the hundreds of other mini and micro-notes, help to bring out the soul of a music composition."

"Music is more than notations, or compositions, or styles. It is an ocean of philosophy, a mountain of knowledge, an eternal teacher whose student I will always remain."

"When I used to learn from my mother, I used to keep on thinking. Why is this raga like this? Why is this phrase being repeated? I couldn't get any answers then. Of course I was given the strength to delve into this realm of music, to think deep. It made me read a lot of ancient texts and research in depth. And when I traced back I realised that music is not merely entertainment. It is a way to attain the ultimate peace. That is why music exists."

Kishori Amonkar

[The last two quotations are from conversations between music critic Mohan Nadkarni and Kishori Amonkar, a female vocalist in the Hindustani or North Indian Classical tradition. As published with  double Audio CD  'Sampradaya' from Navras Records, 2002... Ed.]   Back...
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