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The Player

When the video page loads, it displays an embedded copy of the JW Video Player by Jeroen Wijering. He is developer-cofounder of LongTail Video, a "no-nonsense advertisement network for online video, and Bits on the Run, a revolutionary online video management platform, combining encoding, management, publishing and tracking".

The Skin

The JW Player is highly configurable. Its behaviour can be defined in various hidden files, which are called up by the webpage. In particular, the visual appearance, or 'skin', is defined in a single file. For our application, the skin design is known as 'Schoon'.

The Videos

Practitioners of Sahaja Yoga Meditation have presented a number of videos on the internet. Right Time has chosen seven of these and built up the required set of JW Player configuration files. The video descriptions are by Right Time.

Video Help Page

The text and graphics are by Right Time.

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Thanks also to the 'Flash' plugin for supporting the JW Player