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When the video page loads, it displays a menu of the seven videos which are available. Click on any video description to play that video. The menu will reappear when the chosen video ends or if the playing is interrupted by the Pause control being used.

To interrupt the playing of a video, click on thetemporarily stops a video from playingsymbol in the control bar, which is under the video image. Alternatively you could click on the video image. The web page will remember which video you were playing. The menu will reappear, in case you wish to select something else. Note: The sound and image data for the current video will continue to load whilst playing is interrupted. This is helpful if you have a slow conection. If you don't wish this loading to continue, either leave the webpage or select the Reload Page control of your internet browser. After a reload you will be back where you started, just as if you had not started playing anything.

To continue playing a video, which has been interrupted, click thecontinues the playing of a videosymbol in the control bar.
The control bar area which looks likedepicts the audio volume selectedindicates the audio volume setting. The more dark lines that are showing, the louder will be the audio. Click within the dark lines to reduce the volume or to the right of the lines to increase the volume. The volume control has an upper limit. Further adjustments should be available from your computer's loudspeaker or headphone system and from the computer operating system's master volume control. Videos 5 and 7 are quieter than the others and video 6 is louder.

Full Screen
To let any video image fill the computer screen, click on thedisplaying a video to fill the screensymbol. The control bar will vanish whilst a video is playing but will return if you move the mouse. To leave full screen mode, either press the keyboard's Esc key or click therevert to original video sizesymbol on the control bar.

Progress Bar
It looks like this:depicts data loading and playing timeThe horizontal rectangle fills up gradually, to show the loading of video data. The upright rectangle moves from left to right, to show how much of a video has been played.

Previous & Next

Clickstart playing the video before the current one in the menuto start playing the previous video from the menu. Thestart playing the video after the current one in the menusymbol allows you to start the following video from the menu.

Flash Video Plugin

Most people have the 'Flash' plugin for their internet browser. Flash is one way of allowing video content to be delivered easily on a webpage. If you are in the few per cent who have not got Flash yet, you will not see the video menu or controls. You might be out of your depth here. Maybe you should find somebody to help you install a suitable Flash package for your browser. The link at the foot of this page takes you to the website for Adobe, who are the owners of the Flash software technology. There is also a webpage to Download Flash.

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Your computer needs the 'Flash' plugin to play these videos