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shri mataji nirmala deviThe Subtle System

Our nervous systems contain seven important collections of nerves, arranged in a line from the base of the body to the top of the head (limbic area of the brain). Broadly these link various parts of the body and organs to the spinal chord. They are well known in medicine. For example, the cardiac plexus near the heart and the solar plexus near the stomach. Around or close to these nerve centres are areas of intelligence and subtle consciousness, which were named chakras (meaning wheels of 'ra'=energy) thousands of years ago in India.

The chakras are linked by channels which are mainly in the spinal chord. One channel attends to our emotional qualities, our desires, our memories and our conditionings, which come from our past experiences (left channel). Another channel attends to our mental and physical qualities, our thinking and planning and our relationship with the future, which come from trying to achieve various goals (right channel). A third channel is concerned with the balancing and integrating and sustaining of all the functions of the body. This (central) channel is the main path of the awakened Kundalini and it deals with our evolution as an enlightened and integrated person.

Sahaja Yoga

For progress in Meditation we use various techniques to help the Kundalini in its work of cleansing and repairing the chakras and channels. The more this is done, the more we experience peace or silence or relaxation during Meditation. The technology of these techniques and the understanding of how they work is called Sahaja Yoga. The word Sahaja means spontaneous and born within you, suggesting that everything works in a natural way.

Shri Mataji

Since 1970 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has been explaining Sahaja Yoga around the world. She is now 85 years of age and a great grandmother. As a young girl she spent time with Mahatma Gandhi. Later on she helped with his campaign for India's independence from British rule.
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