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shri mataji nirmala deviA Short Introduction To Meditation

Meditation is best understood as a state of mind which you can achieve and not as an activity to be performed. You can become completely awake, alert and under full control of your senses and brain. But without thoughts or very few in the head and you should feel a sense of tranquillity or relaxation. Initially there could be other sensations because everybody is in a different condition when they learn to meditate.

With a little practice of meditation for a few minutes, once or twice each day, it is not difficult to derive benefits in many areas of your life, particularly health. These come naturally as your nervous system develops more of its own inner qualities. Try one of our free courses. You should notice something within hours or days.

Most important to understand is that true meditation is natural and the body, brain and central nervous system are designed for it to occur. So you should not pay anyone for 'knowledge' or instruction. Did you pay to learn breathing or eating?

All mechanisms required are already built inside the human being. Only they need to find the right moment for activation. These ideas are not new, even in England. William Blake wrote around 200 years ago:

"Knowledge of ideal beauty is not to be acquired. It is born with us. Inate ideas are in every man, born with him; they are truly himself" and "...Man brings all that he has or can have into the world with him. Man is born like a garden ready planted and sown."

Practitioners of different styles of meditation advocate different methods to be followed and the results may vary, both in terms of ease of performance and of the nature of the resulting experience. As suggested before, something that you have to 'do' is not meditation and may not achieve meditation. Some, so called, meditation techniques can even have harmful long term side effects. For example, the repetition of mantras.

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