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"The joy we feel during music recitals is because Kundalini is dancing. She gets happy because you ask for nothing but enjoyment of collectivity."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
"Words turn into music when emotions are weaved into them. And the notes... not just the basic seven, but the hundreds of other mini and micro-notes, help to bring out the soul of a music composition."

Kishori Amonkar   More... 
In 1980, four variations on Raga Todi were recorded by Pandit Jasraj for the music label Swarashree. These recordings are out of print. MP3 versions are here.
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Gurbani Keertan CD cover art - head of nina kaur virdee, a red shawl over her hair, ears & shouldersNina Kaur Virdee

daughter-in-law to the late

Gurmit Singh Virdee

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